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Hidden Bead Extensions

Hair extensions are no longer just for the red carpet elite. They are for the everyday woman who wants to feel more confident and beautiful.


Extensions can be the confidence boost you need to feel your best self. Whether you have naturally fine hair in need of extra volume, have experienced hair loss and need added density, or simply want length to your hair that doesn't seem to grow, extensions are the perfect solution. They can even help repair hair that has been damaged or a haircut that has gone wrong. 


With extensions, your dream hair is just one salon visit away. You don't wait any longer to get the gorgeous hair you deserve.                                      

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Expert Extension Services Tailored to Your Needs


Your extension experience always begins with a consultation to understand your goals and preferences. We will then customize your extensions to meet your unique requirements and provide you with all the necessary maintenance and timing information to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Custom color blending, precision cutting, and styling will seamlessly blend your extensions with your natural hair, creating a beautiful and natural-looking transformation. 


The result? A stunning new look that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful, every time you step out into the world.

  • How long will my appointment take?
    The average appointment time is 3-7 hours. This will depend on the type of transformation you request.
  • What is the investment for my transformation?
    The total transformation starts at $1,100. After your consultation, I will give you a quote depending on the length and number of rows desired. To maintain your extensions, plan on coming back every 6-10 weeks for a quick move up (45 minutes per row) at $150 per row.
  • Can I still go to the gym, swim, and wear my hair up?
    Yes! I will be sure to go over home maintenance with you, but you can still do all the things you'd normally do, with just a couple of adjustments.
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